Take the N59 (Leenane Road) from Westport. Cross the old railway bridge and take the next turn right onto the West Road. After about 3km you will see Aughaval Cemetery on the left. Turn left and park outside the cemetery.

Walk away from the West Road, keeping the cemetery on your left side. Just past the graveyard, take the first turn left. This small side road runs alongside the Owenwee River as it gurgles through the lovely valley of Rossnagloch. To the right and slightly behind you is a superb view of Croagh Patrick. The boreen climbs slowly upwards and then sweeps down, leaving the mountain view behind.

Turn right at the T-junction, watching for the different varieties of wild flowers and heathers bordering your way. This is a lovely boreen winding over a delightful bridge (crossing the Owenwee River) and over the brow of a small hill. Now the little village of Killeenacoff can be seen ahead. Walk on through the scattering of pretty cottages, with as many ruined ones testifying to the higher populations in times gone by. Remnants of ‘lazy beds’ the potato plots of yesteryear are still clearly visible in the landscape.

Walk down a little hill and keep right, ignoring the road which joins from the left. Then turn right at a T-junction onto a marginally larger road, and pass the Cloona Health Centre on the left. Turn left immediately onto a small road giving sweeping views of the river, Clew Bay and the islands.

At the next T junction, turn right and continue until you meet the main Westport-Louisburgh Road. Turn right onto this road and immediately cross the Owenwee River yet again. This is a very busy road, take extreme care for the short walk along it. Walk on the right, facing the oncoming traffic. Take the next turn to the right, back onto the West Road which brings you back to Aughaval Cemetery and your starting point.